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Thành Trung

Sàn này em cũng chơi qua rồi, khớp lệnh khá nhanh, nhưng em thích nhất là ko có phí qua đêm vì em giao dịch trung hạn, nên rất ưng ý, cho 5 sao

Scottie Hettinger

I trade from ECN accounts mainly in currency pairs. I got interested in the conditions AximTrade offers, such as low spreads and average commission per lot. In addition, an account with the broker can be opened even if you have only $50 in your pocket. Of course, you won’t earn much with such a deposit, but you can qualitatively test the conditions of an ECN account and withdraw the profits. I deposit and withdraw money by bank transfer. At the same time, I do not pay any commissions, and the funds are received almost instantly. The main disadvantage of AximTrade is the lack of detailed analytics. But the broker offers good trading conditions, so I recommend it.

Rất thích ý kiến của bạn, hãy để lại bình luận nhé. Cảm ơn.x